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largest tire

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what is the largest tire u can put on a 06 foreman 500 4x4 with out having alift 26 27 28
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26" fit with plenty of room to spare, not sure how much bigger you can go. I would say at least 27".
i know robb and maby a couple others are running 29.5" outlaws on there foreman 500's without a lift. if they can fit them im sure you can fit what you want. they proubly did have to cut a little bit though. on my rubicon i had a 1.5" lift with 27s and when i would turn real sharp sometimes they would rub on the fender supports in the front fender supports.
thanku for advice
I fit 27" gators with no lift no problem
how good r the gators
I was never stuck with my gators. They rode well in the trails too for me. My laws are rough as **** but would never get rid of them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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