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Larger oil cooler

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I havent been on here in a long time, i guess cus my bike has been down and I havent been riding. I rememeber one of the last times I was on here I saw pics of a foreman with a car tranny cooler on the front rack for an oil cooler. I liked the way it looked and I am thinking about doing something simular. I just wanted to know how well it actually worked. Did it increase your overall oil capacity? Thanks
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There a few on here now with relocated coolers. Here the one I did to my bike, not for sure if this is the one your where looking for. It works great, with out the fan running there is around a 20 degree differance just going through the cooler. My fan has yet to kick on in the factory setting. I flip it on from time to time just to make sure it is still working.
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Thats the thread I was searching for. When I typed in oil cooler it brought up about 700 hits. Thanks a lot, i am thinking about putting this on my rancher. Hopefully extend the life of the bbk, which I have to say puts out alot of heat.
just a hint when useing the serch button, try to remember the section that the thread was in. really limits thread skimming time
I jest did one on my wifes 2002 2wd rancher bought at discount auto $69.00 added .05 to .75 gt. more oil cap.I put it up in frount end. so far works great this bikes don't have a fan you can get the fan that matches the cooler for $59.00
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