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Labor Day weekend

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Where's everybody riding for labor day weekend?
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not sure yet, haven't thought that far ahead yet; my bike has a fresh rebuilt engine as of the end of this week now...still waiting on the huge piston that had to get special ordered and the cylinder to get bored to it...but rite now i'm really not in the mood to go and ride in 100 degree weather, but let me know where yall are going, might try to make a run with yall if girlfriend is working that weekend
We will be at Red Creek for Mudfest
Is red creek in MS? my friends were wantin me to go somewhere in MS
Ah cool, then i might be ther.
That's where we are talking about going too, but it might be farther than we decide to go.
i think that is the weekend the ole lady is off of work and her family usually goes to the camp for labor day weekend so i will probably be tied down to riding on the i think my dad said brother is coming in from dallas that weekend so cant travel to far
We're now going to stay a little closer. Teneha, TX. Is anybody going to this ride.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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