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Anybody on here besides me going to L-Cross this weekend?????
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nah i dont think ill ever go back there after last L-cross. def wasnt worth the 2 hour drive and 30bucks to get in. mud hole was way too small. i dunno just got bored to easy. now if there were like some kinda of trail there to ride on would be cool.
Yeah, it would definately help if there were some trails, but we just go to hang out and watch the swamp buggies and stuff. I really like it when someone gets trashed enough to take their "daily driver" out there, now that's funny!
**** ill go to the next one. I loved it
We had a BLAST last year! A bunch of my friends are already down there and said it's fillin' up already. They said it's a little dusty, but they have water trucks going around watering down the roads so that's good!
I get outta here in FIVE MINUTES, then we are on our way!!!
Talk to ya'll later!
I love the events also. But I guess I love any event that I can sit around get drunk, dirty, and look at girls
just make sure we get lots of pics (o)(o)
Well, I SURVIVED!!!!! I'm tired too, wish I had today off!
We had a great time. There are pictures, but I don't have them yet. There were two girls putting on a show for our friend's camera, but I don't think it would be appropriate to post here! Also, some guy got killed out there in a fight.....I don't have all the details on that yet. AND, I got a ride on one of those swamp buggies!!!! That was a BLAST!
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/ --> We DO need one of those things, although, besides there, I don't know where you would be able to ride it!!!!
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**** killed in a fight.... wondering what happen there. this is why im glad i have big friends. that can back me up if needed.
QUOTE ("civicex0202":3dxfxslh)
**** killed in a fight.... wondering what happen there. this is why im glad i have big friends. that can back me up if needed.
sorry, your on your own
lol aight fine....... id step in and help u. i know d tabets got my back atleast . dood must off gotten hit hard in the head to die.
I think there may have been a little more to it, like he hit his head or something or may have had a heart attack.
That sucks though, you go there to have a good time and end up dying. Ya just never know!
There was a LOT of people there, it was crazy!
it was like that when we went last time... ummm it was like 2 weeks ago. surprising didnt see anyone get hurt except one person at nite.
The crowd when we went was nothing like it when DAC is there. Picture the same place w/ 10 times the amount of people. NO JOKE 10x's. That what the crowd is like. You can't move anywhere.
Oh, there were people EVERY where but they opened the back up to parking and camping now so that helped. They seem to have arranged the parking better and the roads thru there because it was easier to get around this year than it was last. And they were watering the roads to keep the dust down so it wasn't all that bad. I liked that they put showers out there too! Just in "case" you were to get covered in mud, you could go shower off!
I don't think we will even take any food next year, they had plenty there! The pork sammiches were good! I think we will make March an annual event there!
oh ask truegrit about the biscuits and gravy
****, did I miss BISCUITS & GRAVY????!
Yeah I think the "Chef" missed the ashtray w/ his ciggs and they landed in the gravey. One bite and in the trash they went. The other vendor's across the road were ok, just a little cold and thin.

Are we every gonna get Forewoman's B&G??? I think she's all talk....
Next camping trip....if I only had a way to make the biscuits, we'd be in BUSINESS! Guess I could bring some already made and heat em' before we eat em'!!!
And whoever didn't want biscuits & gravy could have a sausage & egg biscuit!!! Mmmm.....I'm getting hungry! We need to go camping so we can EAT!!!!!
why cant we...i mean you cook those rollled biscuits over the campfire?
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