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Kolpin Sealtector ATV Rack Bag

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Has any body ever used one of these or know anything about them? Just wondering how they hold up if you are riding in water/mud quite a bit.

Here is a pic.
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The yellow would look good on your bike, but I can't imagine it would stay bright yellow for long, in our conditions.
I have the same one and it is in camo... What a bag. It has 2 velcro dividers to move the size of the spaces. After you flip the lid down and zip is the most water sealled bag I have found. It even holds the ice water that leaks out of the cooler inside. NO MUD or Water in unless you submerge it for extended periods of time. The water has to work its way thru the zipper...which takes forever when under water. GREAT dry bag and big. I keep 4 soft coolers in mine and a place for dry food... Works awsome!!! Highly recommended..
Thanks for the posts guys!

Truegrit- I hear ya on the yellow. They have it in several different colors...I'd definately go with the black, just happened to be pictured in the yellow.

Good info Rincon 650! I might make my mind up one of these days. Saw this and thought maybe it might be better with keepin things dry since its electronically welded. Thought about going with the dry box too, but we'll see. I just got my otter box for my camera and stuff that really needs to stay dry out there. Gonna go test it in the pool here pretty soon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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