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kolpin gel seat cover ????

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hey all , i want to get one of these but was wondering if anyone has used it or heard about them , my ques. is does it hold water when it gets wet and is it worth the 100 dollars ish price?? im hoping it will make my a$$ feel better after a long ride !! any help will be great thanks Dave
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450Dave.... I'm jellin'.....Are you jellin'.... Ha Ha Ha...Just had to do that.. Sorry.. I have ridden on the gel bicycle seats for over 18hrs at one time on the 4th of July detail and I can promise you that I could not have done that on a regular one... Have not experienced the ATV seat yet but if anything like the bike seat...even at that price would be worth the comfort on a long ride.. For what that's worth..
seat cover

thanks , im gonna get it this week most likely . i think it will be a good purchase
Well, like I said, the bike one is great...Can't be any worse than the ATV seat cover.. Go for it... Let us know..
I got a gel pad insert from pro-pad and took the whole schpiel to a local guy that does upholstery stuff.the pad was 59$ and it cost me 35$ to have him remove the oem seat cover and then trim the foam to fit the gel insert.he then covered the gel pad with a 1/4" of memory foam and then reinstalled the OEM seat cover.I also thought about the gel seat pad your looking at but i didn't want something to slide around on the seat and get caught on seat still looks factory stock and is now a gel cost me 94$ total which is comparable to the kolpin gel pad and i never have to clean or worry about it.I got the large size gel insert and i marked the seat with a sharpie marker while i was sitting in my normal position.then he did the work.I have ridden over 100 miles with it in there and boy does it make a world of difference.
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