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Kenda Executioners

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has anyone seen or heard anything about the executioners????
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ask Mad Mudder, he's got some and seems to like them.
here is the pm i sent you, i am posting it here so if anyone else is wondering they can just look here.

they do great for where i live because it is pure mud up here, i have heard that they dont really do good in sandy mud because they dig so much. they also clean out OK if there is a little water up top of the mud. they weigh alot, the fronts are like 28# and the rears are 32#, so if you dont think you would have the power to turn them i would not get them, they pull almost like truck tires, the faster they spin the more they dig. so far mine are wearing great but there not even a year old. if you know how tri claws dig, executioners will keep right up with them.
i was looking at those and was wondering the same thing
what is the Bi/ Tri Claw combo that people talk about?? Who makes these tires?
here they are, the magnum ones are what we are talking about.

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So MAGNUM is the company name?
Thanks for the pic, those things look meaty!!
sorry about that, magnum is what the tires are called, the company is mud machine i think.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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