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Kenda Executioner

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Has anyone had any experience with the Kenda Executioners. I like the way the tire looks and was just curious to how it preforms. I would like to put a set of 27" on my 06 Foreman.

1) Mud performance
2) Weight
3) Overall height

Thanks for the help, Brad
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i had 27" on my rubicon and i loved them. IMO i thought that they went great in mud, not as good as outlaws but they did really good. they were really heavy, i cant remember the weights but i think it was aboud 27 lbs. the hight of my 27s were 26.5 with about 3 lbs of air in them. i would get them again, i was very happy with them. they also wore really good.
I have a set of 26" Executioners on my Foreman and I am very pleased with their performance in the mud.They do run short in size and i don't believe they are too heavy,my Foreman turns the just fine.I went with 26x10's on front and rear.
a good friend of mine actually has a set of 27" Kendas...he loves the tires and claims they arent heavy at all...the lugs are similiar to an outlaw...i've riden the bike and didnt see a problem at all...the executioners are a good tire in my opinion
Thanks for your help, I will be ordering the Kenda's next week. I will be sure to get a few pics put up.

Thanks, Brad
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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