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Kenda Bear Claws?

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Hi Guys/Gals,

Anyone here have Bear Claws on their '05 or newer Rubicon? I am planning on getting a set and would love to see some pictures and hear some reviews. If I could hear from guys/gals with both 26" and 27" tires would be great. Close up pics of the wheels is what I am most interested in. I would like to see the clearence with the bigger tires.

Thanks in advance.

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I had bearclaws on my 300 and they were great as an all around tire. Best tire i have used so far in snow.
I have them on my 05 Canadian Trail Edition, I went with 26", 12" wide on the rear and 10" wide on the front. Great all round tire, somewhere I read on a scale of 1 to10 they were rated 7 on every terrain (mud, sand snow etc). Here are a couple of pics for you to see the Bear Claws (note: these pics show the wheel clearence with a 1.5" lift kit, but the clearence is good without the lift kit)
Thanks Look 'n For Mud,

Looks good. Can you get 26" x 10"? I thought that they only came in 9" and 12" in the 26's. Anyway, they look good. I think I will go this route. Did you notice much of a power loss with the bigger tires?

your right, I looked at mine and they are 26x9 (I wanted 10" so my brain is still working on 100'). I didn't notice any power loss. When I was looking for tires I was told you should only go one size bigger, if you go more you might loose power
Kenda Bearclaws on the Rubicon

I went with the 27" Tires and while I definalty noticed a power loss in the muskeg, when I shift into low range it'll spin em forever, and that's riding up above 5000ft ASL. The only mod I have is the Dynojet.
i think they are great tires for treal riding but i have notices that they dont turn too good on mudy or slick places, but other than that they are a good tire and they also wear good.
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