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Keithsburg, IL trail ride

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Going to check out Sandy Oaks trails in Keithsburg, IL this Sunday for the first time. Has anyone else been to this location? I'm taking my Rubicon and Rancher out there to test it out.

I'll report back if you guys want me to on what it's like.
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Even though no one replied wanting to know what Sandy Oaks is like..... I'm reporting anyway

$5 to ride all day, made more for dirt bikes then quads though. Has a lot of whoops sections for the dirt bikes(or sport quads), one large open area that is mainly composed of sand, and NO mud.

To me, it's worth the trip because of how close it is to me and to have another place to ride. However I could not recommend it to anyone that has to travel a great distance to get there.

I've posted some pictures on my myspace page if anyone wants to check them out at
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