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K&N Filter

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Ok i'm running out of idea's here.I've replaced main jet & needle & seat.Cleaned carb,ran sea foam through it also.Droped main needle, readjusted air-fuel mixture screw. And i still get the lil hic-cup on the top end.Could the air cleaner be letting to much air pass? Or does any1else have more ideas than i do.
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what are your mods or is the K&N the only thing? Have you try putting your stock filter back in to see if it still does it?
I don't have the stock filter for her, she come with the K&N when i bought it.It just seems it getting to much fuel on the top end cause i will get it to back fire once and awhile.Also you can hear a difference in the exhaust sometimes,this can be fixed by gettin off the throttle then gettin back on it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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