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K&N filter question..

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Does anyone know if i can use the PJ-1 brand of oil on the k&n filter or do i HAVE to use their brand with the cleaner? Thanks and Happy New Year, JB
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Just as long as its foam filter spray it shouldnt mattter, they all serve the same puropse. I'm using k&n oil on an UNI filter, it seems to be working fine, but i would recommend using an outerwears pre filter with that foam filter just to be safe.
yeah its fine, its cheaper than the k & n kit, i use that one all the time, me and my dad both use it.
Cool thanks. I've heard that Advance auto parts sells the prefilter? Does anyone know about this? I went there and they told me they didnt....maybe just my local store doesnt?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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