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K&N air filter

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im getting a K&N air filter and a jet kit do i need to buy the PRECHARGER kit for the filter??
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not unless it is cheap or free you can pick one up at any parts store.
so i dont need one then? cuz there like 27 bucks for royal
Why waste ur money on the K-N....You can pick up a comprible one at Advance auto parts for half the price...
The Precharger picks up the smaller particles that the actual K&N filter can't filter out.
you dont need to rejet for just adding a K&N air filter.
yea but doesnt it add more power??
if any adjustments are needed with the new filter you can tune it in with the factory carb parts. jetting it without an aftermarket exhaust, the only thing your going to do is burn more fuel.
ohhh i didnt no that i was told that the jetting and filter will make it go faster?!?! is there and way i can mod my stock exaust to get ride of more exaust faster? like drilling out a few bafles?
I have seen a few gut the factory exhausts, but I dont know what kind of results they got from it
The precharger/ Prefilter is a good idea if you ride in alot of mud and water, as it helps repel the water. But like the others said, you do not need to rejet just because you added the filter. About the only time you need to rejet is because you you have added an aftermarket exhaust.
so will the k&n filter give me some more power or do i have to do all the rest like jets and exuast?
I didn't notice any additional gain in power, if that is what you are looking for, go with the jets and an exhaust.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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