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Just Snorkeled Now its a Submarine

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Hi all this is my first post I am new here. Just snorkeled my bike and WOW what a difference it makes.
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Congrats! Did you have to rejet or mess with the carb at all?

How deep have you gone so far?

Did you run your carb vents up to handlebars + block off the overflow when riding in deep water?
I have an 04' Foreman w/ 589's also. It just got snorkled a few months ago and it made quite a difference! Be sure to turn off your gas when hauling it and even cover your snorkle or you will end up with gas in your air box like the rest of us have!
Yes I did route the vacum lines up to the handle bars. I also blocked off the carb drain. Thanks for the pointer about turning off the gas. I only rode one day but I had the whole bike under water except the head light and the snorkel and it never missed a beat. Then I pulled the air box drain and nothing came out so I think it was a very succesful snorkel. I like the way it came out by only putting a hole in the oil cooler trap box instead on the fenders. I can replace that trap door box for almost nothing.
I did mine that way orginally too, but didnt really like it...

I ended up doing mine with the hole in the fender.

Here was my last attempt, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ive since improved it a bit since that thread.
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I cant see anything wrong with either way PVC or Pool Vacum Hose. I prefered to use flexible pool hose to avoid any tight bends. It also made doing the job very simple for me. I really like not cutting up any of my plastic. I did not have to cut or trim not one piece. This is something to keep in mind when trying to sell a bike in the future. Take a look at my yahoo pics and you can see it is an extremly clean way of snorkling a bike. I did use heat wrap on the hose around the cylinder head to avoid and burns. I know this works as my buddie did his the exact way and he has been riding for a while now.
good work, I like!!! " title="Applause" /> I did try to use some shop vac hose and melted it, i tried some insulating tape and it melted right through. But I couldnt find any good tape. I see you are in Rockledge, you are nearby. Look in the SouthEast Forums and come meet up with us sometime!!
By the way, nice dragster
I see a Lot of you are from central florida. I am on the east coast Cocoa erea. There is a bunch of us doing a ride this weekend if anyone is interested.
QUOTE ("sdeatherage":3jc018g6)
I see a Lot of you are from central florida. I am on the east coast Cocoa erea. There is a bunch of us doing a ride this weekend if anyone is interested.
Where at?
whats the other pipe on your bike for? map storage?
5a or canaveral groves most likely.
i did not have to jet mine. i may in the future after i do mods like exhaust and filter.
QUOTE ("sdeatherage":10zyxox5)
5a or canaveral groves most likely.
There some folks from here hitting 5A tomorrow (Wed.) night.
Yes we are, the more the merrier. PM me if interested.
i work at the fire station wed and fri and then off four days. So the weekend is good for me.
We will be riding the weekend sometime as well. We will talk more about it then.
Where abouts do you live at in Rockledge, I am in kings grant.
I grew up in levitt park. Lived there 22 yrs. now I live in Sonoma which is just north of the marlin stadium. I work for the fire dept so I know Kings Grant what street are you on?
What size lift did you put on? I would like to see it I am thinking of lifting mine or putting longer shocks. Not sure what would be better.
I heard that sdeatherage is gay....

But that snorkle does look good, did somebody help you with it?

Suzuki Vinson rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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