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just ordered a clutch kit from HL

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will i need to completely take off the clutch in order to change the springs, i read somewhere that i think dirty4man flipped it on the rear rack and put rags under the clutch so stuff wouldnt fall into the motor, and changed the springs without having to take it all off

just wanna make sure i understand what all has to be done...i know in the how to section it says how to do it but if there is a shortcut for not having to take it completely off that would be better...also i got the kit that comes with the gasket

thanks for any info i get on this, not completely retard with mechanics but i am always willing to learn a little more
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21 views and no reply from anyone...maybe i didnt explain myself very well

if yall dont understand what im asking ask
i have never changed the clutch on a foreman but just try it if it does not work then take it off and do it. it Shouldn' be that hard. Good Luck
Stand it on its end and you can change the springs without pulling the clutch. Fairly straight forward. Pull off enough plastic to have good access. And as someone stated before... pull off the seat to avoid gas getting on it. Mine did and now part is starting to get hard.
I just layed on a creeper and changed the springs it is easy to do if i can do it anyone can.. Took longer to do than the how to said for me any way..thats my 2 cents
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