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just mounted winch and bumpers ;et me know what yall think

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as title says front and back bison bumpers, warn xt 30 winch with wireless remote and dual snorkel all at once
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Looks good but I really wish someone would make a bumper that replaced the stock one so you don't have two front bumpers.
i agree with the replacemant of the whole front bumper, they are junk anyways and just makes for something else to carry around. But i guess that it is added protection.
i dont like the over the original bumper ether. does any one have pictures for a foreman 500 with warn front bump i would kind of like to see it?
i dont like havein to from bumpers so i just got my front stock rhino lined makes it look better..
Well it might look beter but, it aint. lol. I agree someone realy needs to develope a front bumper that replaces the stocker. I know me and dad both would buy one if it wasn't over about 200.00. I have destroied one bumper all ready. and my second looks like hamered poo poo. Dad cliped a tree (not running very fast and bent the right side of his back to the plastic. And, speaking of plastic that center peice is a what were they thinking? dont even think of tring to knock down a small tree if you want this peice to stay looking good. Well guess I'll get off my box now.
some how we have knocked down a few 2" trees and havnt messed up anthing on the front. ifs fun higting 2" trees cuz the bike **** near jackstands and then the tree gives and you come right back down. but that was with dad driving and me riding passanger
Looks great.............

Still married?
Have to let me know how the winch is.... I just got the same thing for a smoking hot deal. $300 new in box. just wondering how it works and what not due to me not being home yet to put it on my new wheeler i still havent be able to ride. 1 more month and im out of the AF and be home to ride my quad.
Nice!!!! .They should make one that replaces the stock one though.It would look better.But....Yea,nice setup!
I welded a piece behind the plastic in the middle of the stock bumper for more support. I hit a pole and sunk the plastic in quite a ways. where did you get the front after market and how much? I might get one and do some welding to rig it on better.
how does you bike work with the twin snorks?
twin snork set up works awesome!!! seems like bike had more throttle response now i.e. more power!!! probaly just somethin to do with getting more air bike woiuldn't run at high rpm's with just 1 1.5"snorkel so i run a twin 1.5" just y it offed above the air box

WINCH works awesome!! the wireless remote is definitly a must have!!!! I did have some wiring problems where i spliced into the pink wire of my ignition switch though. but that is my fault not warns. i will have to take a better look at it tomorrow could be ground wire or a power wire rubbed raw on the frame but i will let you know.

You can find the bumpers on ebay rather cheap!!! got mine for 260 free shipping that is front and back. I Had alot of compliments on my foreman and the trails today made me feel like money well spent
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If you come up with any tips and hints on the install let me know... the instuctions dont really help with the wiring much as where and what to splice. I am getting excited to try it out.... just 38 more days
just run the power wires from the winch down the upper frame tubin on the right side under plastic. to battery.. and make sure u zip tie them up.. and wat wire to splice of the rocker switch. splice the hot wire to your 12v outlet..
Looks good man!
i worked on my wiring alittle today couldnt get both to work at the same time cant figure it out i must have to run the handle bar power wire to a different source i got both hooked up to the ignition pink wire. itll work if i change the green and the black wires but i want both to work at the same time like it did when i first got it done i cant figure out whats happend they both worked at the same time you when i slternated my usage for em the my ground wire rubbed raw and now i cant get it back to workin like it was i have since fixed the ground wire so i am kind of stumped
The aftermarket bumpers look good to me, but I do not like how they stick out. I built mine using the stock front bumper, And adding a 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" 1/4" thick box steal in the middle, then 2" 3/16" thick channel on either side and going down on the rack next to the roller fairlead.

I use that thing to get snatched out, and to snatch people out. With the Warn winch mount plate, it helps secure the bars that go straight back to the frame.

Here are some pics, also, I will get some pics of another one I built.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 63eff71073</a>

Sorry, but I could not get my pics to upload, so you will have to look at my personal gallery.
you go 10 in the the back four dig? The foreman runs 12.5 no prob. I run them stock except clutch kit.
no, they are 12's in the back, just worn down 12's. These are my buddy's outlaws, he has my gators on his bike in the shop. They will not do warranty repairs with outlaws on the bike.
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