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just got a new toy

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well i finally decided on a new machine and i went with a new 05 es in yellow she's rolling on 26" mudlites on c5 rims. my ? is has anybody bought one of those cheap 100 winches on ebay? or is it a waste of $$? any input would be great! also does anybody make headlight covers for the new foremans? or VHT nightshaded the stock ones?

any suggestions on my next mods would be good
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Nice lookin ride man I dont have an honest answer about the winch, me personally... i would go with warn. just my 2cents
The cheap ones seem to go out when you need them the most. I would imagine that it isn't sealed that well and if you ride alot of mud and water it probably wont last very long.

Nice looking ride.
If your going to go cheap then Harbour Freight has them for around $60. I know people that have had them for while w/o probs and some that had probs right from the get go. But you can get a 1 yr warranty on the for a couple bucks more. That just doesn't help much on the trail. I would look in to Mile Marker winches. 2.5k for $200. Good quality and good price. Thats what I would buy, if I finally decied to buy one.
I haven't seen headlight covers yet. Most of us want brighter lights for seeing at night.
I've had the Harbor Freight $100 and also had a $400 warn 2500 LB.I seem to have bad luck with winches,I break them all.The true difference is the quality in the wiring and switches.The cheap one's always overheat and stop working when YOU need it the most.The best one I had was the Superwich 300 pound..It lasted a year and half,the most powerful is a Warn by far most...Nice looking bike,I just bought a 05 500ES 4x4 in red last week...
i know chad b has a harbor frieght one and has never had a problem with it iwas on sale for under 50 bucks

I just bought a mile marker 2500lb for $200 and love it. It is very quiet and has metal gears with a 2 year warranty. You can buy them from They are a proven winch and also the military has swithched to mile marker instead of warn.
latech, nice seat cover. Where is it from???
Seat Cover

Raveer2000, It is from Cabelas custom fit for $29.99. I think the company is JamesGreene atv products.
cool thanks.
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