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just cold natured?

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My 07 seems to be cold natured on start up. I have to have the choke on
for a few minutes to keep it from dying. It only has 50 miles on it and 11hrs. Every know and then it will backfire when cold. Is this normal for
a new engine or is the carb out of adjustment? runs fine after it warms up
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turn the idle up a little, that should help
I have an 06 and I have to use the choke to start. I've talked to others with the same thing so I just roll with it. After 1st start should be good for the day..
Same here...cold blooded.It's just one of those Honda things you have to get used to.
It's honda thing for sure all 3 of the honda i have owned have done the same thing
Install an Iridium plug and the choke issues will be history except in the dead of winter. Put one in mine and never had to choke it again.
Now that I think about it I just changed my spark plug and it has been a lot better
Yeah,the Iridium plug help it idle better cold but I still have to have the choke out partway.
iridium plug??

Mine is a 08 Foreman 500 ES. What make and number should I ask for at my parts store? Thanks for the help
Put more hours/miles on it. Could be stale gas. Ride the thing! Or give it to me. Ive got twice the miles and mine is a month old
raising idle does nothing....they are cold blooded...had an the heck out of it at minus 20 plus degrees celcium....choke them just touch the starter....

started up with one touch on the button....dont touch anything...just let it idle..if it shuts off prime it a few more....let time be your least 5 minutes...then run it with choke on...for a bit till it runs...then turn choke off...

this is only for us Cdn folk who park the machine heat, etc...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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