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Just about done

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well....its taken a little longer than planned....but i'm doing it all myself.....i've got her snorkeled, jetted, piped, lifted and springs and outlawed.....along with the audiopipe......whatcha think?? sorry i had to give a link.....haven't gotten the size down on how to post the pictures here directly....

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... dys_Place/</a>
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Looks great BigDaddy
sweet job.
stupid questions I suppose...but what is the thing sitting on the front rack? I imagine it is a speaker of some sort for the MP3 player? is called an can get them from i absolutely love it!!
What size are those Outlaws?
................Great looking machine

Looks like you can listen to some Johnny Cash while your up to your elbows in mud........
That is one good looking machine except for the winch. I am guessing that you have not done much muddin yet. No winch and no mud pics. You really got to get a little mud on the tires!
i actually have the new XT30 warn......w/synthetic.....just waiting on the mount......and no she has see no mud yet......only 3 miles on it last month and slowing getting everything done before she goes swimming .......
Great looking Rubicon
Hey Big D, when you gonna come up to Royal Blue and get some mud on her! I'll be at Windrock on the 26th guiding some newbies. I believe those mud holes down from where T22 ends on G5 would be a great testing place! Merry Christmas!
i'm trying to convince my wife that this week after christmas would be a really good time to head up we will see.....hope you and KG have a very merrry christmas and happy new year my friend!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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