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Jumps out of Auto, Please Help!

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A good friend of mine that I ride with is having problems with his 400at. Whenever he goes to take off and sometimes just out of the blue his rancher will shift from Auto to ESP without warning and not moving the switch. Is there a sensor or something we can check? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Did the bike ever get a bump on the handle bar mode switch or was the bike ever rolled..?.. It is just a 3 pin connector and easilly tested , the coupler should also be checked for water , cleaned & re-greased ..
Okay, I got some more info this weekend. It's not going from Auto to ESP. It will jump out of Auto and flash "-- --" on the gear indicator. When this happens the tranny will not pull just sits there and jerks slightly. He then must shut the bike off and then restart.

Thanks HM, I will let him know about what you posted. I don't if it's been rolled or not? Also the last time he changed the oil he went with some "cheaper" oil and qiuckly realized his mistake and is now back to Honda oil, would this have caused anything?
We just had this problem with my son's Rancher AT in Idaho, we changed the oil ( we only use honda Oil ) and the problem cleared up. I would say change the oil and filter again. Hopefully there was no damage done by using the cheap oil.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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