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July 9th

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Does anyone want to ride on the ninth? I don't care where but probably 5a. Let me know.
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me and ray wanna ride sunday the 9th but prob holipaw
I think we would be up for that ride. We may even be out there already.
I am up for anywhere as long as I go ride! Are there ways around the holes or will the little 250 do OK out there?
who is riding the 250? The wifey?
Paul is going to go with me. I am going to let him rent it for the day!
he should do ok
Great then what time are we meeting up at and where? Robb are you going?
yeah, looking forward to it.
I will be there. I am probably going to go on Sat morning and stay the night. There is a landowner (SEPA) meeting on Sat morning that I have to go to and I don't want to have to make 2 trips. All of you new land owners or other owners that have not gone to a SEPA meeting should go. They are talking about road maintenance and a few other important things.
Where do they have the meetings at probably want ride but would like to go to the meeting.
It is at bobbys camp. If you say on the fence line when you comein the front gate it will be the first camp on the right. I will get a map of it in a little.
Yea,...It is the first big trailer with a big parking area with the pavilion....
I will see what i can do about work hopefully i can get it off
They are doing some much needed road repair on Sat at SE. If anyone has the time please come and help. They need diesel fuel, drinks, money, and labor. I will be there all weekend helping out and also riding. you have to pay to play even at SE.
I would be more than happy to help on Saturday but I need to get the bathroom ready for the tile on monday. Let us know about futur work days so we can help.

Robb and Ray where are we going to meet and what time sunday morning? And I can fit one more bike on my trailer if you awnt to!
so whos going, and what time should we meet up?
I am going on Sat morning getting there at about 10:00 and am going to stay the night.
Robb do you and Ray want to meet up at the 7/11 and take 417 down to Narcusse? And in my opinion the earlier the better.
sounds good to me Matt.
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