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July 2nd?

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I am finally gonna go riding again. I am thinking 5a anyone else up for a ride? I am sure ray will be there and of course ill have a scaggle with me
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QUOTE ("muddymike":293p4xxn)
great ride today look 4ward to next ride

Was it wet out there?
its still really dry.
yea the rain we got there yesterday while ridin was really nice though... made the ride bout 100 times better since no dust. but if we got as much rain as we did for that little bit of time for a week.. it would be nice out there again.
I still managed to stick the grizz pretty good in one of the holes
So is everyone going to tear up their bikes this week and not ride next sunday? I gotta ride!!
almost did lol
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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