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July 2nd?

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I am finally gonna go riding again. I am thinking 5a anyone else up for a ride? I am sure ray will be there and of course ill have a scaggle with me
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if i get my wheel bearing ordered today and get it put it my the 2nd im down to ride.... eurobro has his bike back. bet his down to ride.
WILL BE IN THE BAHAMAS......hung over, Gambling, looking at sweet island women, eating fresh conch salad, well you get the idea
Sorry...........we have family in town.
never one to pass up a 5A adventure, should be getting wet too. Im in.
Me and dano were at dinner tonight and he brought up that they were running helicopters at 5a, sarno, and compound in palm bay to catch atvs on these three areas because they arent supposed to be there........this isnt the first person that has said something to me about it either a guy that i work with said they were catching the people and not only giving them tickets but they were impounding bikes ...........From what he said there was 30 atvs/dirtbikes impounded in brevard county last week or the week before something like that he red about it in the news paper.......Anyone know what the heck is going on????????
I Doubt they are doing that at 5a... I'll check my sources
yes please do cause i heard that it was all the way from 5a to malabar that they were running
From what I heard all of those bikes that got impounded and ticketed were out on the river. I believe that was 2 weeks ago out at possum's bluff or something like that.
they got 10 ppl saturday nite out in grant..but they were gettin them for driving under the influence and kids riding that shouldnt. the paper said that sheriff will be out at grant again this weekend. so if i ride grant this weekend looks like i wont be bring any beer cause i really dont want a dui. but they can try and give me tickets out at grant for anything else. there are no trespassing signs out at grant cept on ppls proproties. so i think its fine to ride out there. me and euro will be out there this weekend. i htink. and then im down for 5a sunday or sat if i get my bearin friday.
nope i talked to my uncle he is a cocoa cop and he said that yes the sheriffs department was running a helecopter up there at 5a and around the black hole in canaveral groves............ i dont know just be careful...... i dont want to see any of you get busted for something so stupid
what time are we meeting up there?
sun? or you talking about sat?
july 2nd is a sunday right? What time are we meeting at 5a on sunday???
lets shoot for 930, at the earliest.
hey i road with yall before iwill be there too bymyself id like to ride with yall if yall dont mind im the 1 with 650 prarie snorkeled
we will be at the parking lot 5A and 95 side.
so 930 meetin 5a???? aight well me derek kelly and my bro will see u guys there.
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