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What exactly does rejetting do?
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the jets in the carb are part of what regulate your fuel/air mixture. too much gas/too big jets means you are running rich and performance will suffer especially at high altitude because the air gets thinner thus effectively increasing your gas/oxygen level. thats why guys put in smaller jets up in the rocky mts. jets that are too small, causing the engine to run lean. a dangerous condition for engines. the engine will run hot and could burn a hole in the piston crown. stock, the manufacturers generally put in the optimum jets for stock air cleaner, stock exhaust at sea level. any permanent change MIGHT require rejetting the carb. when rejetting, don't forget , there are 2 jets. main jet and slow speed/idle. a lot of folks on this site snorkel their atvs and change the exhaust and sometimes that means a jet change. the change is simple and mechanically not difficult but if you are unfamiliar, it would be best to have an expert show you the details firsthand.
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