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Jetting richer with stock exhaust

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Just wondering if anyone experimented with changing jets and still using the stock exhaust.Did it make any more power?I've been worrying about the" red exhaust pipe syndrome" and thought jetting up one size rich might help that plus make a little more power,I don't want the loud exhaust so I don't plan on aftermarket exhaust.
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Mine turned purple real fast after it was new, do you think they run too lean stock?
I'm talking about red hot exhaust at idle,look up in there where the pipe comes out of the head when it's dark outside,it's glowing red.Must be lean,I just never worried about it before.Maybe it's only lean at idle,possibly it's cooling down when moving down the trails?
I have a stage one DynoJet kit on mine with stock exhaust. Picked up some power on bottom.. seems to rev better too.
Does the dynojet kit come with more than one jet?
It comes with about 6 jets.
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