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Jetting Question

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I recently recieved my HMF Utility Pipe and K&N Filter in the mail for my 2007 Rubi... There were no instructions on how to install the jet and i have an understanding of how to install the jet but i hear a lot of talk about removing the needle and such. What else really needs to be done?? I have clipped by diaphragm spring. Are there any other adjustments required? Also i hear a lot about 170 jets and this pipe came with a 165 jet... is that correct???
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I have also read somethings saying that i need a special tool to adjust the air fuel mixute all they way down and then back it out 2 1/2 turns... is this true?
I may be mistaken but I think the only carbs that take the special tool for the air fuel screw is the foreman 500 s & es. If it does, I just worked mine out with a pair of tweezers and took a dremel tool to cut a small slit so I could use a small flat screwdriver. As far as jets, I am running the 165 in my foreman 500S and readjusted the a/f screw. I haven't touched anything else but I've not had experience with the Rubi.
ok kewl... i looked underneath the carb and it looks like a "D" shaped screw head where the fuel air mixture adjustment is where i think it should be... i may have to cut a slot in it unless someone can tell me where to buy the tool at
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