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Jetting Question

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I have a 04 Foreman that I can't get jetted right. I am running a DJ134 main with the clip on the 4th setting, and screw 2 3/4 out. It has a Supertrapp exhaust, K&N filter and a Triangle snorkle. It runs fine but will quit at a idle. I moved the clip down a notch and it runs better but when you rev it up in neutral it smokes at about half throttle and smells rich. Any advice is appreciated, Thanks.
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Well let me know when you find out. I have an 04 with a HMF exhaust, K&N Filter, and a triangle snorkel and it does not die, but it runs roughwith spitting and a slight backfire. I have a 135 jet in it that came with the exhaust.
1/4 to 3/4 throttle is controlled by the needle position so if you are running rich there you might want to try moving you're needle down another notch. After doing that if it does not idle good then you should adjust your air/fuel screw. 3/4 to full throttle is controlled by your main jet so if it is not running good there you need to change you main jet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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