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Jetting question

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I just put on a snorkel, tractor exhaust and jet kit on my 2002 Rubicon.

I used the recommened positions from Dyno Jet. 155 jet, 4th groove on needle and 3 1/2 turns out on a / f screw.

Took the plug out its black black black, so I know I am running rich.

Bike idles great and seems real good low end, mid range I can tell it should have more power and top end is very sluggish. (not really any popping or sputtering).

I believe i need to down some sizes on the jet and up on the needle, I believe. (is this right?)

My main question is should I adjust both jet and needle at the same time since both mid and high range seem bad?

And should I just adjust one jet down and one groove up at a time? (I just don't want to change it 5 times).
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