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Jetting Problems...Again

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Sorry everyone...I can already see some of your faces ... another question concerning jetting. I've jetted my Foreman the same as everyone else: 170 DJ, 2.5 turns, so on and so on. ATV has run great until now. The darn thing won't even idle for a few minutes. Give it some gas and let 'er sit and she stalls immediately. Running rich I'm sure. Sorry for the ignorance but what do I need to do? Adjust the fuel mixture screw? Where's the darn thing at? Can't seem to get this thing tuned just right.

Also, I've got an aftermarket exhaust and now it seems like I've got a leak somewhere. Probable from one of the fittings that adjoins to the stock header. Do they sell anything that could solve this annoying problem? Any info. would be helpful. Thanks for everyone's time!

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Have you had water get into the carb? Try draining the bowl. You may need to change the spark plug if it ran rich for a while.

How can you tell the exhaust is leaking? Bubbles underwater or is it a sound your hearing?
Thanks for the thoughts answer your questions: nope, never had any issue with water in the carb. At least not to my knowledge. Might be in my best interest to drain the bowl. The exhaust just has the "whispering" noise if that makes any sense. Just doesn't sound right at the c-clamp location.

Need to change the plug 'cause I have been runnin' this thing rich for quite some time. I've gotta get this thing fixed.

Thanks again.
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