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Jetting for a Supertrapp Mudslinger

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I am looking for main jet advice for a Mudslinger. My bike is stock drivetrain wise. I plan on putting in a jet kit later, I would just like to know what main to use in the unmodded carb. As I understand it the jet numbers are different between Keihn, Mikuni and Dynojet. I am wondering what jets to go get from Honda.
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I just put this pipe on my bike,the stock jet is a 162 I believe,I bought a dynojet off of ebay for it($50.00) the kit comes with all the different size jets so you can test and tune,the instructions for mine said to use a 170 at my elevation(georgia- below 3000ft)Just took it to windrock this past weekend,felt a slight difference in the elevation changes,but the bike is really alive now.Highly recommend getting a dj kit and the mudslinger,it's got a good sound but not as obnoxiously loud as some of the hmf's out there.
I was wondering what the Honda jet would be, I guess I am spending too much money so a main only will have to do for now. I think my elevation is around 2K feet.
No one out there just replaced their main jet with a pipe?
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