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Jetting - Foothills Central Alberta

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Anyone from Alberta running a stock exhaust change their jetting on a 500?

Most riding is done in the Foothills regions ...

thx in advance

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Did no one in Alberta change their own jets? I find it hard to believe these units come jetted for our area.

Everyone on this forum talks about the DJ 170 main jet but what Elevation are you guys running?

I would prefer to buy a Jet only not a Kit (it would be $75 cheaper)

I have a stock foreman and we ride at 3241 ft / 988 m as a base and we are in the mountains / foothils of good ol ******* Alberta.

The foreman therefore probably comes jetted for sea level.

Whats your jet? plug color after ridding hard and no idle? Did you buy it from your local dealer ,if so ask them.If they have been around they would know to set it up for your location
I'll be pulling the plug after the next ride...

Local dealer said they don;t change anything - they come "ready to ride"

i ride in the rockies of southern ab as well, my dealer told me same thing. i was thinkin of putting a dial a jet on the carb i can't seem to find one in canada though, my buddy has one on his sled but it's a two stroke. i don't know what to do it's got boat loads of power now, it's kinda like why change a good thing you know.(no one i ride with can touch it any way). where you guys ridin any way? i'm in the pass mabye we can hook up for a ride i've been thinking about going to koocanusa to ride some sand before the dam fills up, haven't rode much in the porqupines either. it's getting good and muddy here now days, going out tomorrow for a ride i'll check my plug some where after a nice big hill. i'll let u know
thx tweety - we ride west of Rocky usually - central AB -

I can;t wait to hear about that plug.

koocanusa - yo guys ride in the spill way? How much sand is there?

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