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Jetting a Foreman 500

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I am looking for some suggestions on jetting my machine.I have an billet tip 1 1/2, K&N Filter,and a Dynojet kit. What main jets have you all found works best. The reason I am asking is because I did a Dynokit for a friend,he has a Rincon, and I read alot of Rincon owners found the stock main jet to work the best. The stock is what I use on his and he could not be happier.

Any suggestion would be great !!!!!
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Most of us have found the 175 jet to work best, but thats with an HMF. I would try a 170 on it and see how it runs. Have you checked your spark plug with the mods you have, to see how its running?
Has anyone just changed out the stock spark arrestor and added the 2" exhuast tip? What jetting changes did you make?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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