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Jetson Exhaust???

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What do yall think about this Exhaust? Where ill be riding i dont care about sound or a spark arrestor i just want performance. I have a free flowing snorkel and a k and n filter and i am going to rejet will this exhaust work? Any body heard of Jetson Race Exhaust? I really want an HMF but man 79.99 thats cheap
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the price is good for the exhaust, Myself I dont care for the tuneable exhaust systems with the disc. if they are not jetted right the disc will burn out and are easily clogged with mug. for a non mud rider this system would work great. If your looking for a muffler for performance HMF is top of the line. but if you are looking for something cheap, you can go with a tractor muffler for under $30. you will have to weld it to you stock exhaust pipe and fab up a mounting bracket.
my first exhaust was a supertrapp and like Dirty4man said they will clog up, if you ride in mud i would not get a exhaust that has disks. i had a tractor muffler on my rubicon and it was great and i really liked it, but if money is not a problem i wold just go with the hmf.
can you just ride with out the disks to create a higher flow and not have to worry about the disks clogging up?
sure, that is what i did on my supertrapp because i didnt want the mud to clog them up. i also found out that without the disks in the exhaust when it would go under water it would shut off very easy.
i plan on doing alot of water riding so maybe this isnt the exhaust for me. Why did your supertrapp shut off so easy under water with out the disks in it? Does the hmf shut off in water? Why or Why not?
i think the reason it stalled out so easy is because without the disks in it there is not much back pressure so that would make it wasyer to stall. my friend has a hmf on his grizzly and it does not stall proubly because it has some more backpressure.
What about if i Made a plate to bolt on to the back to keep a little back pressure? Make it out of maybe diamond plate and cut a hole in the center just big enough to keep a little back pressure. Do you think it would help or would it kill the performance? would it die as easy under water? I just dont want to snorkel my exhaust
i really dont know if that would work or not, i never heard of it being done. it might make the tone of the exhaust not as deep.
Thanks for the help. Not sure what im going to do.
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