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Jets, Seals, Reads, I need expertise.

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Ok, here goes. Does anyone know what the stock main jet size is on the 05/06 Foreman 500's (474cc)? I talked to the mechanic at the local dealership and got 3 differint sizes, ranging from 135 to 162.5...I should have known better than to ask those guys, so, Im asking you folks. Also, Im trying to figure out what needs to be sealed on the bike. I know of issues with the recoil starter, and plan on folowing the process I read in the Technical area of the board, but what else? Is there a better way to seal other parts of the motor/drivetrain, or other things I should watch for? Im not going to add a snork yet, but should I seal the box better? I may do the "add water and look for a leak" test, but let me know what you ladies and gentlemen have found through your expierences. I know about the U-joint angle issue, but from what I understand, this happens when somone who weighs 140 puts 31 10.50's on their machine and then does multiple wheelies by sidesteping it in 2nd.. Are there any other weak points to watch for like that? Im going to West Virginia in another week, and will be riding woods trails, as well as hill climbs and water/mud crossings. Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

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when i took mine out i believe it had a 162.5 jet in it. as far as sealing you bike up here are a few things i can think of.

-there are 2 lines coming out of carb. t them and run line to the handle bars
-coming under the carb there is a drain hose. plug it up with a screw so water cant get in.
-front and rear gear box and differential extend those hoses to the handle bars too.
-there is also a air hose off the fan that needs to be run up too. i havent done this yet.
-fill your plug boot up with dielectric grease and anyother electrical fittings you can find.
Seal the following..:

1st pic.. extend the 2 carb lines forward..

2nd pic.. Run the carb lines up to the front head pod..

3rd pic.. Plug the bottom drain tube with a screw and RTV sealant..

Also, put dialectic grease on the 2 electrical connections under the rear fender on the right side mounted on the frame ( throttle side ). Put dialectic grease in the spark plug cap.

This should waterproof the bike. I would suggest putting dialectic grease on ANY electrical connection you can get to but these are the most important. Also try to extend the front and rear differential hoses as well as the fan hose.
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Excelent. Now, before I go cuting tube and comparing it to what Lowes has...What type/size tubing is it...and I see you used those winged splicers...pretty good luck with those?
i just cut off about 3" of hose and took it to napa. got tees, hose and all the sealants that i needed. they can match it all up for ya.
Exactly joecamel... that is what I did..
when you coming to the WV to ride?? there is a group of about 15 of us from around the house going to the Little Coal River trails saturday the 16th...
Ok, got the bike all torn apart and started tracing lines...The vent lines from the Fan, the rear diferential, sealed drum, and the front differential all plug into the top of the frame, either left or right of the yoke pipe. need to re-rout those... Now, the vents on the Carb...will lengthening the vents cause too much back-preasure on the carb and problems with mixture or idle settings? With the di electric grease, should I take the connectrs apart and fill them then put them back together or what? Im also going to make a cork gasket for the recoil starter out of cork stock and rtv the handle and rope outlet. Another thing...ever notice that the crankcase vent runs straight into the bottom of the airbox sump? Thats going to have to change. Im going to be riding on alot of trails and through a little deep water/mud...what preasure in the stock tires would you suggest?
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The lines that are run into the frame are great.....until you take your bike's frame under water... Would definately suggest pulling the hose out of the frame and running them up. Does no good when water gets into the frame in the holes and goes right into your vent tubes.. Have had AOLT of water in the front differental and that is where the lines were. Since water..

Reference to the electrical connections, yes squirt a good amount of dialectic grease into the spark plug boot and in the connections. Yes, unplug them, give a squirt, and snap back together..
Sorry, It will not effect the carb as long as you do not go smaller in hose diamiter as the origional. Run them all the way..
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