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Jet size for high altitude

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I am going to Colorado hunting and will be between 8k and 10k feet, I want to take a jet with me just incase I have troubles with the stock one. I have called 2 dealers and they are absolutely no help, can anyone reccomend the proper size jet for a 2005 500 ES? I have talked to other people and they said my ATV should run ok, I have a K&N airfilter and everything is stock.
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I heard for every 1750 to 2000 ft you go up, you drop one main jet size.
You can go by what the other people said and just run with it as is, maybe take an extra spark plug in case it turns black, carbons up from running too rich. or
go to your Honda Dealer and buy a #155 main Jet to carry along just in case.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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