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jet questions...

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i got a 03 4man and im adding a hmf and a jet i think i know how but just wanna make sure. pull the carb...pull the bowl and the jet should be there???...after that is installed how do you adjust your a/f mixture to where its right? im not real sure bout that part.
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So far you seem to have it right. The air fuel screw should be turned 2.5 to
2 3/4 out. That should get you where you want to be.
You'll need a flat tip screw driver. I dont think it was mentioned, but you're turning it counter clock wise (left). An easy way to count would be to draw a line with a sharpie or other marker across the head of the screw and onto the carb. That way when you start turning, everytime the lines meet up you'll count one. You may not need it but after a few beers counting gets harder so it took the guess work out for me.
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so i aint gotta worry about the needle or nothing right and the grooves people keep talkin about?
It depends what your trying to do, i didnt remember you asking about the needle. If you get a snorkle i know you need to adjust the needle as well. when you take the top of the carb off and remove the needle you'll see what everyone is talking about. the needle has grooves in the top that you can change the position of a c-clip on. The snorkit snorkel system comes with an extra washer to put below the stock washer as well. Im not sure what the best setup for you is. I did all my adjustments at the same time so i dont know what you should run not having a snorkel or k&n.
all i am doing is adding the pipe and they gave me the jet also so i figured i would run it they said i didnt need it but i thought why not get more power... and also where is the a/f screw which side and is it on... i know a lil bout working on carbs but not much i have taken a few apart and put em back together and they seem to work now...maybe if i can get lucky again
Unless your running a snorkel, I wouldnt mess with changing out the jet cause its probably going to cause you more problems than what its worth. The jet they gave you is going to let more fuel in but unless you are letting more air in then its going to run really rich and run like crap.
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