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Jet Question

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Ive read it on here before but i dont rember what it was. If you put on a snorkle and it cranks ok but to get it to run better you have to pull choke is it rich or lean? I just can't remember.
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rich i believe. choke puts extra gas in the carb.
Lean -

It's running lean if you pull the choke to make it run better. The choke - Chokes off the air supply and makes the mixture richer.

If your unit runs better with the choke pulled then it is either too lean or the air idle circuit of the carb is plugged with junk.
that right. i got screwed up. you need bigger jet it sounds like.
I see in your signature that you're running an HMF... a 165 or 170 main jet is what you need.
It is not on my bike. But im running like a 150 DJ. Because of my hot cam i had to step back down.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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