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Jet Question

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i just snorkled my 05 rubicon with 4 1/2 feet of pool hose, but my problem is that at full throtle the misses and sputter. Is this from ot much air or not enough. do you think i need to put a jet kit on it if so what size jet.
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I believe you are gettin' too much air. You need to go to a bigger jet. I'm
not sure on what size, but i went 5 sizes larger on mine & it works great.
I wouldn't waste your money on buyin' a aftermarket jet kit. Just get a larger
factory jet.
do i need to get a larger jet from the honda shop or is there a place online i can get it.
You can get them from the Honda dealerships or a atv repair shop should
have them.
should i wait until i put my exaust on? Does anyone know what size jet i should get?
I would wait until your exhaust is on. That way you only have to rejet once. Not sure
as to what size would be good on the Rubicon. I would asume
that the
stock 170 would be good as most on here who have the Foreman
use the 170. Since the Rubicon is a 500 also, it should be the same i
would think.
I may be wrong though.
thanks for the info railroader
Anytime. I may just be talkin' out of my head or butt, whichever one sits
on my shoulders.
I'll try to find then jet size, I can't remember it off hand. I think its around 154. The 170 would give you too much fuel, unless you had an excessively large intake snorkel.
no, i don't think is to large, my snorkel is 1 1/2 pool hose and is 4 1/2 feet long. It breathes from under my light pod.
Im running the 155 or 160 DJ with KN and HMF exhaust
I would start at 160 main (DJ size, not sure what this would be in Keihin), but I would get a jet kit because you can fine tune your needle. You will probably end up with the DJ170 main. Your bike may run just fine with a 160 but at wide open throttle you could be too lean. Do your plug chop. Good luck.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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