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jet question again...

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those of you that have tried the dj kit and went back to a stock 135 main jet because of tuning problems, are yall still running the dj needle or went back to the stock needle. Im running a hmf k&n with stock motor. Runs ok but cuts out on the very top. Any suggestions?? Im just about ready to set a match to it..............
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Running stock needle. The dj needle will not work with an oem jet. If ya look at it, the needle is much smaller in diameter than the stock and also it is shorter.
does anyone know if 135 jet is good to set up a 01 and 04 foreman,i think the carbs are diff,I have dj in both and the 01 seems to have alot more power ??
Yes you can run them in both.
Hi is the 135 jet stock or do I have to order one? Do you have a part #?I had a shop install my dj and did not give back, the original jet or needle and ended up closing shop what should I order to replace the dj with to a 135 ?
Most any atv shops should carry these jets. It is just a #135 round top jet for a Kehein carb.
I got mine from a local atv repair shop for like $2.00
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