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Jet Problems

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i just jetted my bike, i have the dj170 cut the carb spring, hmf, k&n, 2" snorkel. it cuts out at full throttle, what is causing this? do i have to mess witht he air/fuel mixture screw also?
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YEAH i turned mine out 2 1/2 turns. mine was doing the same thing.
you and i are in the same boat pal !!! i installed hmf pipe, k&n filter and had honda install the jet kit. the bike ran...ok installed the 2'' snorkel and it ran like crap with the dyno jet 165 jet in it. everyone told me to install a 170 jet. well when i did the bike ran wayyyyyy worse. so i went down in size to 160. and it got better. went down to 155 and its almost perfect. now from what i understand that a factory 170 jet is slightly smaller than a dyno jet 155 jet and thats what is going in tomorrow. its the jet thats making all the popping problems. not the needle. the needle would need to be adjusted if it stumbles when you accellerate from and crusing speed.

thats 2 1/2 turns from fully closed right it all the way in and then turn it 2 1/2 out
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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