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Jet kits

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I know this probably a dumb question but how will a jet kit help me with power. with take off and turning those 27's. Also I want to get the K&N air filter, but do I have to have an exhaust to get the bentifit of the jet kit. Thank for any help
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You don't have to get an exhaust, but it would probabyl be best. The jet kit will give you more low-end power and throttle respone, but you will lose some top end.
Personally have put the Jet Kit on the 500 Foreman and 650 Rincon. Great snap in the throttle. I put the jet kit in prior to the pipe and still saw a major difference. The 650 would wheelie with soe help, and with the jet kit, the 650 needed no help holding a wheelie for lond distance. it is worth $50. Comes with the proper spring, needle valve, and the main jet. Takes about 30 min and well worth it. Directions are easy as 123.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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