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Jet Kits/Exhaust Systems

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Ok, I have just gotten my jet kit and K&N air filter. No, I havent put it in yet. Just got it today. But, I dont want a loud exhaust system, would it be alright with putting in the jet kit without putting on an exhaust system? I would put on a pipe, if they make one thats not loud. Dont want to go any louder then the stock pipe. Or, would I get more performance out of the jet kit with a aftermarket pipe?
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If you get the pipe and the jet kit and add them both, then this is the best combination for performance. If you are looking for a good pipe, but dont like the LOUDNESS.. I put the HMF QS1 ECO System pipe on the wife's bike and she absolutely loves it. She gets the performance as well as a nice sound. She hates loud and mine, but this is perfect for her..
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