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Jet kit

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Well I got my snorkel on !! It turned out pretty good .. I just ordered a jet kit from highlifter .. Is rejetting hard? Or should I have a Pro do it?

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If you can put on a snorkel, you can rejett! Good luck.
Not Sure

I dont know about that bud!! It took me all day, and a bloody knuckle to get the snorkel on .. I have never messed with Carbs,,So im a little unsure of myself ..

Its a 2001 foreman 450 ES

these slide carbs are pretty easy to work on when putting the jet on just remember to not get impatient, youll forget things my buddy put the needle in the e-clip the washers and forgot the thing that holds it down and shot the washers throught the motor, it didnt hurt the bike (amazingly) but it rattled him up pretty good
I put a jet kit on mine. its not hard at all just clean everything before opening the carb up and put everything in a line as you take it out, so you dont mix anything up when puting it back in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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