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jet kit

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i am going to get a K&N air filter, hmf, and dynojet within the next month or so. i just want to know what size jet to get and after i put this on will it suck down the gas more or what? how will my gas mileage do?
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most jet kits are based on adding a high flow air filter as well, ususally the jet kit comes with a chart that tells you what jet to use based on elevation. it is usually fairly correct.
i just got a hmf and a jet kit for mine but no k&n because they told me that they dont filter as well as a foam filter esp. in dust! so i just got a moose foam filter and a 135 main jet with the hmf! its great! although it does use more gas! but well worth it. i live in hardin county so my alttitude may be different than yours but remember you will prob have to adjust the air fuel mixture screw on the carb. hope this helps! good luck
K&N makes a precharger for you guys that have to deal with alot of dust. I dont know much about moose foam filters but I dont see how they could be much better than stock as far as air flow. The K&N is one of the best at allowing alot of air to pass through while doing a great job at filter out the bad stuff. Like the one guy said, most performance accessories call for a high flow air filter like a K&N. Almost everyone in this forum uses a K&N.
Your exactly right Joe. If you get the K&N, be sure to get an Outerwears
Pre Filter. To save you some money from buyin' a jet kit, just get a oem 135
can someone tell me where to get the outerwear pre-filter?
Go to the K&N site <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and search by vehicle on the left. There are some other brands that are sold on some of ATV parts websites as well.
You can get the Outerwears at I think we paid
$9.95 a piece for ours.
thanks guys. Now if my pipe and jet kit would come in i would be set
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