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hi guys, new here!!. i have been reading through some other post that may come close to my problem. heres whats going on.
my bike is a 06 foreman 500, i put 27's on it and hmf pipe, [email protected] filter, and bought a dyno jet kit. i have honda install the kit cause i dont know my way around a carb at all.(i'm 31 years young) lol. well i went out in the mud, deep mud and as soon as i get deep, the bike starts spitting and sputtering, like its missing or loading up. i cant pin down whats its doing. when this is happening and i let off the throttle, it idles fine, as soon as i go to throttle up she starts missing or sputtering. when i get out of the hole, i shift it to nuteral throttle it up and down, its fine. it seems like when the bike is under a load(4*4 or 2 wheel drive) it does this. when i'm trail riding i have no real problem other than i no longer have any top end. i have a very hard time getting past 45mph. it feels very very flat up top.i also noticed after the kit was installed the choke didnt work anymore. i went back to honda and he said it sound like it running to rich and showed me how to adjust it leaner. he had it set at 4 turns out, so i set it at 2 1/2 and put in a new spark plug.
went out this past weekend and its doing the samething, but one of my buddie said that when its started to spit and sputter and was not blowing black smoke out, as if it was running rich, so maybe its getting to lean. so took the bowl off the carb to see what they did and they did put in a 170 jet. but the needle is the stock one. it doesnt appear they installed anything other than a 170 jet. could this be the problem??? sorry so long but i hate when my bike is running like ****.

please help me out

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the dyno jets, spring and dyno needle need to be used together. a mixture of stock and dyno parts will not work together. they are different designs. Also you didn't say if you had a snorkel or not. but most using the dyno kit without a snorkel are running the dyno 165 jet.
no snorkel. i have a 2'' lift kit and around where i live i havent seen a hole deep enough for me to consider it.
what is this spring your talking about? i never saw the kit or have ever seen inside a jet kit box. so do you think by installing the 165 and the dynojet needle MAY fix my problem? i will also run the vent lines up by the handle bars to ensure that wont be a problem like i read in another thread.
ok, found the needle thats adjustable. now is the recommended setting for sea level 3 notches down from the top and a 165 jet and 2 1/2--3 turns out?

thanks in advance
A friends Foreman would do the same thing when he went into deep water/mud. The problem was the 2 electrical connections at the rear of the bike that was mounted on the frame. Bike would run great until he got into exhaust deep stuff...then it would spit and sputter. If you are looking from the rear of the bike forward, it is on the right side directly above the tire. There will be 2 electrical connections. Unclip them and put dialectic grease in the connection and snap back together...

If it aint deep water or mud, then this won't help...Sorry
thanks for the input. are you talking about the 2 plugs that plug into a little modual? i put grease on them, but if its 2 other plugs please let me know.

Its those plugs.

Make sure you grease the sparkplug boot and run/extend the two carb vents (hoses on top of the carb) to the headlight pod.
did all of that, greased all plugs, and installed 165 jet and clip on 3rd notch from top of needle, and 2 1/2 turns out. does this all sound correct ???
how much of a difference would a 1/2 turn make either way ?? went out a drove it, seems i got my top end back, but it struggles to hit the rev limiter, but still pulls hard from low to past mid range. no popping out of the exhuast on deccel. i guess the real test in getting in a deep mud hole to see if all this has worked.

a 1/2 a turn can make a big difference, i always thought it was kind of hard to get jetting perfect. also for you sputtering in water, it may very well be the steam off your motor going into your intake, this happened to me alot before i got a snorkel.
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