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I've had better weekends

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I submerged my four wheeler this weekend in Bluefield, WV. This is my first four wheeler so I didn't know all of the do's and don'ts when this happens. Now I do, but now it's too late! When I changed my oil it was already bye bye motor. It was just as milky as can be and the motor was starting to have a metallic ping. It is still under warranty, but the warranty don't cover me being an idiot. Anyway, I still would like to get my oil looking clear and rid of all the water. After 4 oil changes I'm almost there, but I would also like to change my filter. I just need to know where it's at. Any helpful comments or suggestions will be appreciated. I was hoping I could save it, but it's not to promising.

Other than the Honda dealer laughing at me when I take it in, what else is to be expected. I'm definitely not going to be up front about my mishap!
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Well don't count it out yet, the filter is located by your right big toe when you sit on the machine, look and see the two hoses running into the engine from the oil cooler there is three bolt that removes a cover and there is the filter. When I swamped mine I left the filter out, drained the oil and then filled it with no filter, also you can put in some diesel fuel in the motor with the oil or alone, it will get in more places then just oil and flush out the water. Also let the engine drain as much as you can lift the front end up and let it back down, and if you feel you can drain the oil cooler by taking off the oil line and blow it out with compressed air, watch your face. Also be carefull not to over tighten the bolts for the oil filter cover. I am assuming that you already took the spark plug out and turned the engine over a few times. Turn the kill switch to off and use the starter. I ended up changing my oil 7 times before I got it clear then went another 5 hours and changed it again and there was a little brown in it.

I made the mistake of starting the machine before I drained it thinking no water was in the engine.

Make sure you check the brakes and change the differentials fluids also

Good luck and if it goes to the deal, you washed it or left it out in the rain, never even crossed a puddle with it.
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