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ITP xtr's, mud bugs or outlaw mst's which one???

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Which one of these is the best all round tire? I do more trail riding then anything. I would just like to have an aggressive tire for the mud. I do get in the mud every once in a while. I'm going to go with 26-10-12 in the front and 26-12-12 in the rear. What do you guys think? The trails are hard packed to. Thanks
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If I were to get a trail only tire it would be Dirt Devils.

But of your choices, I would choose the ITP Radials. since radials handle trails and trail speeds better. I would not really consider the MSTs, I would just save the $$ on the HL name, and get Swamp Withches.
How do the XTR's handle the mud are they decent or about the same as the mudlites?
i think the xtr's do great on trails. i saw them out on a ride where i live. i saw them on a really muddy hill and they just pulled right up it but im sure he had it in 4wd. Also like Truegrit said the swamp witches and the outlaw mst are the same so if you liked them tires i would just get the swamp witches. i have also seen the swamp witches in mud and they do really good.
I wouldn't get mud bugs if you do mostly trail riding. Mine are a rough ride on hard pack and on steep climbs they seem to dig more than climb.
I'm leaning more towards the MST's, XTR's or even just some pain mdlites. I still haven't decided yet.
MST's all the way!! haha...
i love mine.. they are very smooth on hardpack, but do awesome in the mud for what they are. they clean out decently.. and i run 5lbs in them. cant tell a differnece with 5psi compared to 1.5psi except smoother ride. But if i get another tire, its goin to be a 27 or 28" MST.. They work well enough for me!! and i have them on rubi rims.

and i ride everywhere.. Creeks with boggy sand, Mud and worse mud( i try to hang with mudlabspecialist with his 29.5's), asphalt, hardpack, gravel pits, deep water with boggy sandy bottoms, and what ever else i can find..

Hope this helps ya!
What are the other tires that look almost just like the MST's but people say that they are way cheaper, and are they as good as the MST's.
Swamp Witches are very simlar to MSTs.
try the swamplites i really like mine and i trail ride just as much as mud ride. best of both worlds in my opionion.
It looks like the MST's rap around the sidewall farther then the Swamp witches, giving better sidewall bite.
my best friend has them on a 450 and they go good
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