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ITP wheels

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Those with black wheels, any problems with rocks or mud scratching off the black paint on the wheels? trying to decide on a machined finish or a black wheel
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i have the itp c series type 7 black with the outside ring some spots machined out and no problems here yet
Stay away from the black wheels and tires if you are in mud or rocks very often. I have had my bike about 45 days and all four rims are scratched around the edges really bad and inside the wheel a little bit. I have the ITP SS 108 Black wheels and there is a lot of white showing.
SlingNTX08 if they have scratched or faded without it being ur fault then call them up and maybe they will send you a new set, ive heard of them sending another one out free of charge but never a full set, why do people that ride mud and rocks get shinny wheels anyways knowing they will get them dirty and scratched up
I got the black thinking...Oh these won't get messed up as bad... WRONG! If you want a wheel that looks good in or out of the mud go with an alloy. I have seen lots of 112's that don't look bad and the 108's that are chrome dipped or whatever are pretty good. I took them by the dealership I bought them from and they sent a picture to ITP and ITP said their warranty is for bent or broken rims, but not cosmetic defects.

C1iff...when you let your woman go to the dealership with get more than you were expecting. In my case that happened to be a bigfoot kit.
yes, just seems like the SS wheels are too nice to play around in. hoping to get bighorns and a good looking wheel that i wont have to worry bout scratching up in rocks and mud.
I had a set of Type-7's black and they were fine. No scratches or the paint comming off. I have a set of SS112's on the wifes bike and they are fine also. We do mainly mudding and haven't had any problems. They are going to get scratches no matter what, they are only really fine swirls anyway, so it's not that big of a deal.
I have the ITP Black Delta Steel Wheels and have had no problems whatsoever with them scuffing or scratching. You can definately tell they are much more durable than the Type C or even the SS wheels.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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