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itp rim problem

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I am a new member to this forum, but I have been using your info for the past few months. Yesterday I was out riding my foreman with a few friends and all of the sudden my left rear tire started getting real wobbly. I stopped and my rim was about to come off. I just had one lug nut left on the rim and the other 3 holes in the rims had been egged out really bad and the lug nuts were gone. I checked the other side had only 2 lug nuts left on it and all the holes in the rims are either egged out or starting to get egged out. I have just put on the ITP SS106 rims with 25" MudLites. The front rims look fine on it. Have any of you guys heard anything about these rims doing this? Thanks!
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Did you ride a few miles and check the lugs when you put the wheels on?
Aluminum wheels whether it be on an atv or truck/car, need time to seat if they are new. You get them mounted then ride a few miles and check them. Also make sure and use a torque wrench to get all the lugs the same. The first time you tighten lugs on a new wheel, the aluminum on the taper part of the wheel will compress a little this sometimes will let the lug loosen while your riding. If I have had my wheels off, the very next ride I go on I check my wheels several times during the day just to be on the safe side.
Bigvick beat me to the punch. I was going to respond with the same info. I haven't had a problem with the SS wheels. Checked them shortly after install and very rarely since. Similar problem in this thread.
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thanks guys i appreciate the help. I have put about 30 miles on them since I have had them and I have checked the nuts before going out every time(2). So I'm not sure what the deal is. I'm going to contact ITP and see what they say. Thanks for the help though.
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