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ITP Mud Lites or Interco Swamp Lites

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Looking to get new 26" tires (12x12 rear & 10x12 front). Which ones do you think are better; ITP Mud Lites or Interco Swamp Lites? These will be used mainly for trail riding and I'm sure I'll find myself playing in the mud. Your thoughts?
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They are both good trail tires. SL's are better mud and both ware quiclky on cement. I had a set of SL's and missed them till I moved to the 589's
Both suck in my opinion.

Get Outlaw MST's or Maxis mud bugs.

1st mud lites are like but holes every one has them. And their not that great.

2nd Swamp Lights, will wear really quickly on hard pack, and cant handle long term abuse.
I ride a bit of everything, and even run down the road. Mine are not showing any signs of wear....knock on wood. I have not tried the mud lites, but for my 2 cents worth... I have had very good luck with my swamp lites.
Every one is different.. The SL's just seem to wear out quick on pavement and hard pack. Depending on your riding environment they may work better in other situations.
Have Mudlites, no complaints. Wearing well. Both trail and mud riding.
Mudlite XTR

I have 26" Mudlite XTR tires. They are great in the mud & snow, clean out really well. The ride is nice, and the wear is really good.
Just an update...I purchased the ITP Mudlite XLs and took a ride up at MotoCove in Gore, VA to break them in. What a difference! Took a little while to get use to them because of the lug spacing, but once I did, I was set. They were great in the mud and did well over rocks and trees. Thanks for all the feedback.
i have a buddy with 28" swamp lites and a buddy with 28" mud lites, and they are pretty close. the swamp lites ride a little smoother, and the mud lites clean out a little better. swamp lites do better on rocks. IMO if you are going to go in nothing but mud get Outlaws, i have 28" Outlaws on my 07' foreman and i just sit there and laugh at my buddys as i pull them out of a mud hole i just went through.
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